How can we help?

We deliver solutions to energy challenges. We offer energy audits, power savings systems, battery back-up systems or fully off-grid systems for both residential and commercial buildings. 

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What we offer

  • Energy Auditors

    Energy auditors use their expertise in construction, electronics, and energy conservation to identify ways a business or home can improve their energy consumption. 

    We investigate ways a building or plant may be using more energy than necessary and craft a detailed report on ways to improve this. Savings can range from 5% – 30% on your energy bill by following the recommended upgrades stipulated in the energy audit. We provide clients with actionable, real-world advice that can save  housands, if not Millions of Rands annually.

     Fit For Purpose Solar  System Designs

    We design solar systems specific to your energy needs and available space.

    German Quality Installations
    Our installations are “PV Green card” accredited. This is a German standard for Solar Installations, thus giving you peace of mind about the integrity of the installation.

    Solar Panel Maintenance
    Solar panel performance is proportional to the cleanliness of the panel surface. We offer Nanotechnology coatings that improve panel cleaning as well as periodic cleaning of solar panels.


    We can assist in finding finance options for instances where the initial capital is unavailable.


FROM only R6,999 / month
  • Inverter (1,2kVA)
  • Battery (105 A/H)
  • Plug it in & Play
  • 2 h backup time
  • 730 Watt power available

FROM R10,500

FROM R10,500 / month
  • Inverter (2,4kVA)
  • Battery (210 A/H)
  • Plug & Play
  • 2 hours backup time
  • 1.4Kw

Grid Tied


Off Grid




Let's Bring Nature Into Your Lovely House

By adding Solar systems, changing lighti ng and heating equipment in your house, we save energy and are less reliant on our coal fired power stations